Athlete of the Month
and their story...
Jayme Vasquez
August 2017

Well, it's been a few months since we have had an Athlete of the Month but we are bringing it back! Please congratulate Jayme when you see her because she is our Athlete of the Month for August! I hope you take some time to read her Crossfit testimony. She is so special to us and her hard work and determination doesn't go unnoticed. Good job Jayme!

Jayme Vasquez - CrossFit Sodality
From Jayme -
I started at crossfit sodality last year in August. I remember that day very well. I was researching different gyms in the sonora area after moving here from the valley and came across crossfit sodality, what intrigued me about it is it seemed very family oriented and didn't look like a typical gym and that is exactly what I have been looking for. I took a drive down to check it out and remember meeting Chasity. She was so helpful and informative on what crossfit sodality had to offer. I went home and told my husband about it and was going back and forth with it and finally he said "There is nothing to think about, your signing up" he registered me online for the on-ramp and I started that same day. I remembering walking in to have my first workout with Americo and thought to myself what did I get myself into, Will I be able to this? After I finished the on-ramp I started in on the WOD's with everyone and they were all so very friendly and motivating. I had always struggled with trying to live a healthy eating and active lifestyle, but after starting crossfit I sure wish I had found this a long time ago. The work outs are tough and you wish it will end soon, but the end results are so worth the sweat, the tears and pushing your self to the limit. I have lost 35 pounds since I started and gained a lot of strength and energy. Crossfit has become a lifestyle of mine and I want to continue with it. I look forward to going and everyday is a different workout which makes it challenging and it's never boring. I want to thank the coaches for their inspiration, motivation and support in helping us all achieve our fitness goals. You all are amazing! Our coaches are there everyday pushing us and I am so grateful for that. I also want to thank my amazing husband for his support and for signing me up for crossfit.